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Hatteras Realty can provide quotes for new spas, installation, services and accessories. With a full staff of spa professionals, HRI can offer friendly service and maintenance of all pools and spas.

Hatteras Realty is a proud dealer of TUFF & GO SPAS


Tuff Spas offer a great place to relax and unwind. They are made of a unique one-piece spa cast that can hold up in the most salty air conditions- They are built to last a lifetime!

Why are TUFF SPAS so Tuff?

Tuff Spas are rotationally molded, which means there are no layers to blister, crack, chip or peal like acrylic spas. While spas of the past have traditionally been made out of acrylic and fiberglass, Tuff Spas are made out of an extremely durable plastic called Polyethylene. Polyethylene is lightweight, heat insulating, U/V proof, sound deadening, waterproof, and low cost. Because our spas are rotationally molded and made out of Polyethylene, we are able to offer a lightweight, low maintenance, long lasting, affordable spa. Tuff Spas really are portable, simple, durable and affordable. Best of all, every Tuff Spa is backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! For more information visit Tuffspas.com

Why are TUFF SPAS the best Roto Molded spa on the market?Tuff Spas

  • Exclusive Tuff Top cover system made out of the same material as the shell.
  • Chrome jets on all spas.
  • 110V/220V convertible equipment with every spa.
  • Real heaters (not heat recovery or heat sticks).
  • Luxury features such as waterfalls, whirlpool jets, LED lighting
  • Custom jet layouts available.
  • Upgraded pumps available.
  • 15' Cord and GFCI included with every spa, just fill up and plug in.
  • 2 speed pumps on every spa.
  • Varied depth seating for all sizes.
  • Side skimmer that offers flexible water level.


GO SPAs were designed for the first time buyers, those on limited budgets and are ideal for those that live an active lifestyle. GO Spas have many of the same features found in hot tubs sold at much higher prices, making ownership of a GO Spa an exceptional valve.

Features & Benefits

A variety of custom designed stainless steel jet patterns and sizes deliver an excellence therapeutic experience. Each comes with a cascading water feature and high intensity LED light that provides a rainbow of color and mood setting ambiance. Go spas come standard with ozonators (great for helping to keep your hot tub sanitized while helping to reduce chemical cost). Pillows to cradle your resting head and strategically placed beverage holders are all part of what makes a GO Spa a wonderful experience.

Superior Construction

Beyond what the eye can see, every GO Spa is constructed using the finest components and expert craftsmanship throughout. From the use of Lucite’s world recognized and luxurious acrylic surface to the utilization of a custom molded plastic bottom to protect the home owners deck or patio, the GO Spa does not skimp on the quality and construction of its hot tubs… Pressure treated wood substructure, maintenance friendly synthetic cabinets and a heavy duty thermo cover are all components that will insure you a lifetime of hot tubs enjoyment

Go Spas

Call or email the Spa Department at Hatteras Realty and let us help you find your perfect relaxation spa for your rental home.

Contact: Edas Zemaitis 800-428-8372 x412
or email Edas.Zemaitis@hatterasrealty.com


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