Outer Banks Fishing

A Wealth Of Fishing Opportunities on Hatteras Island

In the waters that surround North Carolina's barrier islands, a wealth of sea life as diverse as anywhere else in the world awaits your discovery. Trout flourish in Pamlico Sound, red drum feed in the Atlantic surf and the greatest sport fishes - marlin, tuna, dolphin, and sailfish teem in our off shore waters. To experience this pleasure of fishing and viewing, you need only to chart a course for our shores.

What's Hot and When- Complete Fishing Guide

Hatteras Fever Charters

Charter a Boat Out of Hatteras
Hatteras is often referred to as "The Billfish Capital of the World," and for good reason. Hundreds of blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish are caught and released in our waters every year. Anglers flock to our Island each year to catch that prize fish and since we are so close to the Gulfstream this makes for an exciting trip. Hatteras Island charter boat fleets provide easy access to deep-sea game fish. Large head boats run daily during warm seasons out of both ocean inlets and in Pamlico Sound, too. For a complete list of charter boats click here.

Kid Friendly Surf Fishing

Grab a Rod and Fish Off the Beach
Hatteras Island surf fishing, whether for trophy drum in the spring, sleek Spanish mackerel in summer, big bluefish in the fall, or schooling striped bass in winter, will excite anyone, expert or novice. When the waters cool in the fall of the year, fish from the inter-waters and southern coast migrate in great schools within casting distance of Hatteras Island shores. Stop by one of the local tackle shops along the Island and let the locals hook you up with the best rigs to catch your citation fish. Don't forget to know the regulations on what fish sizes and species you can keep. Visit ncfisheries.net for regulation information.

Avon Pier

Fish Off of the Pier
Hatteras Island offers two fishing piers that stretch into the Atlantic where one can enjoy peaceful live-bait fishing for larger game fish or bottom fishing for such great tasting fare as sea mullet, spot and croaker. The pier manager and the crew will be happy to answer your questions. The Piers in Rodanthe and Avon offer spectacular views and a great experience. They don't rent fishing gear so bring your own or purchase it on site. You also do not need a fishing license while on the pier. Check with the individual piers for cost of passes.

Hatteras Fishing Marinas

Visit the Marinas
Be sure and visit the marinas, where dockmasters will gladly explain how to get off the dock and onto the water and educate you how easy it really is. Don't miss the day's catches being unloaded every day between 3 and 5 p.m. right to your feet at the marinas in Hatteras Village. For a list of Marinas visit our concierge page. This is a treat for kids to see a fish taller than they are! If you are interested in booking a charter you can talk directly to the captains and mates as they scrub their boats for the next day of fishing.

Seafood Market

Visit a Local Market
If you aren't able to do any fishing while you are on the Island don't worry! We have several seafood markets along the island that carry fresh fish, clams, crab and shrimp. Treat yourself to a delicious meal! They can even steam your choice of shellfish on the spot. Ask what is the fresh catch and pick something that is in season for the best flavor.

Behind the beaches, a wealth of unexplored areas in shallow Pamlico Sound await anyone who enjoys wading or fishing from a small boat. A comprehensive list of the possibilities that await anglers along the Outer Banks is endless. Regardless of where anglers prefer to fish and which species they prefer to catch, there's an angling adventure in your reach anytime of the year.

Life is abundant in the waters offshore. Life can be abundant for you also. Hatteras Realty provides the space and comfort that fishermen and women require after long days of dragging in fish after fish. If you love fishing and you love the ocean, we are simply the place for you. Those who have already sampled the area's waters will testify to the truth - it is easy to get hooked on Hatteras fishing.

To obtain a fishing license click here or visit our Fishing Guide page for more information. For the monthly tide chart click here

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