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Surf and Sound
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General Information

Located at the south end of Frisco village, Surf and Sound is an ocean to sound development. With stunning views of ocean and sound it is perhaps the island’s most transparent subdivision. For those historians among us, in the older days S&S was a tent campground owned by a small college. There are a total of 42 lots. 15 are oceanfront and 24 are either sound or canalfront. The soundside homes have access to ocean along dedicated easements. The homes range from 4 bedrooms to 8 bedrooms with near 5000s.f. A few have elevators and many have pools or hot tubs. The ocean in Frisco is the day to day the calmest on the island. It is also the first to warm and the last to cool. Kids love it. The former Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier is in disrepair and will be recycled by ocean or the Park Service. Amongst those who know, one of the greatest draws to Surf or Sound is the short walking distance to the Quarterdeck Restaurant.


Name Beds Baths
Eleftheria #10-F 6 5
Between Waters #11FFF 6 5
Sign of the Fish #14-F 7 4
Ocean's Edge #4FF 8 5
The Sunny Spot #71-F 4 3
Beagle by the Sea #9FF 6 4
Windscape #24-F 4 4
Star Gaze #26-F 4 2
Wind Dance #32-F 7 5
Banana Wind #34-F 7 4
Sandy Bay #40-F 4 3
Rustic Shores #15-F 3 2


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