Kinnakeet Shores- Portside

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Kinnakeet Shores- Portside
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General Information

The ocean to sound subdivision begins at the Avon Post Office just south of the Hatteras Realty office, about a quarter mile south of the first stoplight coming in to Avon from the north. Kinnakeet Shores is divided into two homeowners’ associations. The Kinnakeet Shores Property Owners’ Association (KSPOA) with phases one and two contains approximately 155 lots. There are oceanfront properties and soundside properties. All enjoy easy ocean access through the boardwalk system of walk-overs. The recent addition of a village long bike path and numerous pedestrian crossover right-of-ways has opened the village a whole new way of transport…..walking. The homes in the KSPOA range up to seven bedrooms and a good number have pools and hot tubs.

The ocean to sound Greater Kinnakeet Shores Homeowners’ Association (phases 3-22) with hundreds of lots, has oceanfront, lakefront, and soundfront properties. Homes range from three to twelve bedrooms. All homes are entitled to the ocean access subdivision boardwalks and the soundside system of paths and boardwalks. Hint: bring the bikes. Additionally these properties can subscribe to the Kinnakeet Shores Pool and Tennis facilities. Not all homes have these subscriptions. Hope you like to swim, because incredibly a home in this association can have a private pool, access to the Kinnakeet Shores pool and additional access to the Hatteras Realty pool.

Many visitors love the Kinnakeet Shores location because of its convenient access to the Food Lion grocery store at the Hatteras Island Plaza.


Name Beds Baths
Kinnakeet Cottage #64-2 4 2
PrivaSea Beach #1-22 7 7
Bay Breeze #11-22 7 7
3 Martinis #12-22 6 6
Blue Waters #18-22 7 7
Only Pennys #2-22 6 6
Blown Away #6-22 7 6
Cayman Sunset #8-22 10 8
Heaven's Gate #9-22 10 10
Beautiful Sound #10PS-A 6 6
Coral Castle #38-22 7 7


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