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Enjoy Coastal Fare!

There is an old Hatteras maxim that says, "never order seafood in a restaurant more than 50 miles from the coast." And on Hatteras Island, you're in the one of the greatest seafood baskets in the world! The waters of the Outer Banks of NC are teeming with a variety of marine life. Whether your tastes be scallops, steamed crabs, baked dolphin, or fried trout or broiled rockfish, a truly great seafood meal awaits you on Hatteras Island. Loosen up that belt and experience seafood that has established Hatteras Island as a Mecca for seafood dining.

For a taste of Outer Banks cuisine, check out the Concierge page for a complete listing of Hatteras Island restaurants. For weekly suggestions to restaurants along the Outer Banks visit the Outer Banks Restaurant Weeks website!

As an adult with an expanding waistline and a cholesterol count higher than the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, I find our large variety of local seafood a tasty solution for a healthy, balanced diet. On Hatteras you can expect our seafood to be prepared and served as well as anywhere in the world, but that is not the only offering of our local restaurants - enjoy a taste of Hatteras.

Whatever direction your taste may run, from steak to Chinese to chicken, the restaurants of Hatteras Island serve an excellent meal. Hatteras Realty vacation homes are all in close proximity to whatever your palette desires. Join us for the best fishing (you don't have to buy it in a restaurant because it swims in front of your Outer Banks vacation home. You can catch and cook your own) and best seafood that anyone has to offer. Seafood retail outlets in Avon, Buxton and Hatteras provide all of the ocean's bounty, from shrimp, clams, and oysters to scallops, crab, and fish. Whip up a great seafood dinner in one of the well equipped kitchens of our Outer Banks rental homes. Stop by the office for a free instructional pamphlet on seafood barbecuing and preparations. It's dinner time, Pilgrims, Hatteras style!

Learn how to prepare fresh seafood at our Club Hatteras Carolina Coastal Cooking show, available during the summer months.

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