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June is a special time to celebrate America’s Great Outdoors. National leaders for years have issued proclamations recognizing this month as Great Outdoors Month, a time when America celebrates its natural treasures. This recognition highlights the benefits of active fun outdoors. "The Rodeo is a great way to introduce a child, relative, or friend to the fun activity of crabbing. This is the only day that North Pond, directly behind the Pea Island Visitor Center, is open to the public for crabbing and fishing," said Bonnie Strawser, visitor services manager for the wildlife refuge. The event is sponsored by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Billed as a family event, the fishing and crabbing outing attracts hundreds of young and young-at-heart trying their luck at netting, reeling in, capturing, or otherwise legally bringing home a seafood dinner. Participants can bring crab nets, fishing lines, rods, bait, tackle, and snacks and drinks to have a memorable day. Everyone will receive a flyer with crabbing regulations and must abide by these regulations. 9am - Noon.