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The following information will assist you in making your reservation and provide valuable information about your stay.

Our portfolio includes a vast array of Hatteras Island's finest vacation homes. You'll find our homes' decor, furnishings and amenities reflect the owners' personal taste. Play house while the host's away, but remember you are an invited guest. Enjoy yourself, but please don't leave any unpleasant memories of your stay for others. Most homes provide basic equipment, which includes standard large and small appliances in the kitchen, telephone, washer/dryer, hot/cold outside shower, fish cleaning station, grill, stereo, and at least two color TVs – unless otherwise noted in the property description. All homes have central air-conditions and heat. In lieu of the traditional thank you after your stay, our hosts have requested that you complete the guest survey email.

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Our 2020 calendars are open - book early to have your pick of the best homes!

All Hatteras Realty homes now provide linens.

Most homes now provide keyless entry. 

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Making a Reservation

Browse through the website and choose a home that will suit your party's needs. Family Groups Only & Maximum Occupancy: Tenancy is reserved for family grops only, as authorized by our contracts with the property owner. No fraternities, school, civic or other non-family groups allowed unless prior approval is received from the Owner. IDs must be furnished upon request. The undersigned represent themselves to be an adult 25 years or older. All other accompanied guests must be 18 or older. Violation of the above is grounds for expedited eviction without refund in accordance with Article 4 of the NC Vacation Rental Act. NC State and County health regulations require homes on septic systems be limited to two occupants per bedroom. Bedding is listed only to accommodate flexibility in sleeping arrangements and not to represent occupancy. Once you have made your choices, you may view, check availability and then reserve your house online through our website! If you prefer to make your reservation by telephone, please call us during regular office hours at (800-428-8372) to confirm the availability of your selections and to secure a tentative reservation. Partial week reservations can now be booked online. See the section on FLEXIBLE STAYS for additional information.


After you reserve the property, we will send you an email confirming your reservation and provide instructions on how to log into our secure app to view your vacation details and Vacation Rent Payment to make payments.

From Vacation Rent Payment you can make a credit card payment or print a payment coupon to send in with a check, and view your payment history. You'll need to return a signed copy of your lease, via GuestWeb or snail mail, along with an advance rent payment of one half the gross rent, and trip insurance (if selected) within 10 days of the lease date.

The signed lease and advanced rent payment must be returned to us within the allotted time or the reservation will be automatically canceled without notice. Please read the package carefully. An explanation of the charges accompanying your rental fee is included: 6.75% NC sales tax, 6% lodging tax (subject to change), cleaning fee and optional special charges.

When making your remittance, please be sure the name that the reservation is booked under can be found on your check or money order along with the reservation number, house name and dates of stay.


Each home is equipped for basic housekeeping. Kitchens are stocked with cookware and dinnerware. Beds have mattress pads, bedspreads/blankets and pillows. We will supply you with some starter items: a roll of toilet paper in each bathroom, a roll of paper towels and 2 kitchen trash bags. You'll need to bring all additional paper products, soaps, staples, personal items and linens if the home does not provide them.

Our homes are cleaned after every guest stay. Please call our housekeeping department if the home is not cleaned to your satisfaction upon check-in. We can correct the situation right away. We offer a mid-week spruce up if you wish. The rates start at $75 plus tax.

Final Balance

Final payment must be made no later than 30 days prior to your arrival. If the balance is not received by this time we will treat the reservation as a cancellation and make reasonable efforts to re-rent the home to minimize your loss (see CANCELLATIONS).

Checks should be made payable to HATTERAS REALTY INC. Payments made after this 30 day deadline (subject to our right to cancel the reservations provided above) are subject to a $15 late fee and must be made by either a cashier's check, certified check or money order. Please give us a call to reconfirm your reservation and let us know your money is in the mail to avoid cancellation.



Flexible Stays 

Many homes offer mini vacations: a 3-night minimum stay. Booking lead times vary; some homes offer differing availability for partial week stays based on seasonality.

Last Minute Reservations & Payments

The prices quoted in this brochure and on our website are based on payments sent to us by mail or paid to us in person. Hatteras Realty uses a third party credit card processor (Vacation Rent Payment) for credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover). There is a convenience fee charged by them for each transaction. Please contact the Reservations Department for instructions at 800-428-8372.

Reservations made less than 30 days prior to actual check-in require full payment within 48 hours of booking the reservation via credit card, cashiers/certified check or money order mailed overnight to Hatteras Realty. We cannot accept personal checks at check-in.

Please express mail all rental payments to Hatteras Realty, PO Box 249, Avon, NC 27915.

Air couriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL) will need our street address: 41156 Hwy 12, Avon, NC 27915.

Damage & Security Deposits

Leaseholder is responsible for damage caused by leaseholder, leaseholder's invitees and/or damage by pet(s). The house should be left broom clean and damage free. It is the leaseholder's responsibility to report any damage in the property, either accidental or incidental. After guest departure a Hatteras Realty inspector will carefully inspect each cottage to ensure that it is left clean and free of damage.

A Security Deposit may be required at Agent's discretion. If a security deposit is required, the amount varies by property. If required, leaseholder will receive an addendum to their lease with the terms of the security deposit. If required, the security deposit must be paid in your final payment and by check (no credit cards, please). If the home is left damage-free, the security deposit will be returned 45 days from check-out. You will be notified by mail of any itemized damage charges and the total will be deducted from your security deposit.

Vacation Interruption Insurance

We offer Trip Interruption Insurance covering financial losses you may incur because of unforeseen circumstances, illness and injuries—it even includes coverage for mandatory hurricane evacuations (see actual policy for specific details).

The cost of Trip Interruption Insurance is indicated on your rental lease and is due with your advance payment. For details, please read the brochure outlining the benefits, exclusions and limitations. You should call the toll free number on the brochure for any questions about coverage.

We highly recommend this coverage to protect your vacation investment. Hatteras Realty and the homeowners we represent are not responsible to refund monies paid in the event of mandatory evacuation, in accordance with the NC Vacation Rental Act. (Please see “REPAIRS, BAD WEATHER & REFUNDS”.) Hatteras Realty is licensed by the NC Insurance Commission to offer this insurance and is compensated by the underwriter.

Cancellations & Transfers

In the event that you must cancel your reservation, notify us as soon as possible in writing. We will make reasonable effort to re-rent the property. If we re-rent your cottage, all monies (less a $200 cancellation fee, trip insurance premium, and less any discount offered to secure a re-booking) will be returned within 30 days after we have received the re-booking advance rent payment from the new tenant. If we are unable to re-rent the property, the full rent payment will be forfeited. If you need to change your vacation dates, then at least 30 days or more prior to check-in, your dates may be switched to a week of equal value or rent can be applied towards a week of greater rental value within the same property/same year, subject to a transfer fee of $90 plus tax. Please contact our office for policy on switching from a higher rate to lower rate.

Repairs, Bad Weather & Refunds

HATTERAS REALTY will make every effort to make this your most enjoyable vacation ever. Refunds cannot be made due to inclement weather, sickness, death or mechanical failure of equipment. Any necessary repairs will be made as reasonably as possible. One of the small trials of living on a barrier island is that we are often forced to wait for parts and repairs beyond what would appear routine at your home. However, the earlier you report a problem, the sooner we can make it disappear.

After several years of weathering hurricanes and the associated refunds, our homeowners have asked us for hurricane relief, and we agree, it's time to share the weather burden. We can no longer offer refunds in the event of a hurricane evacuation. Fortunately, trip insurance is an affordable, viable alternative. Please select the vacation insurance option detailed on your lease (see “Vacation Interruption Insurance”) and protect your vacation investment.


Our goal is to check all of our guests in as early as possible. Most checkins begin at 5 PM on Saturday and 4 PM Friday and Sunday. Plan your arrival accordingly. At check-in you will receive a KABA lock entry code and directions rental property. Houses which provide linens will have them delivered in plastic bins to the lowest level entry.

If your home is not ready when you arrive, you may relax at our Club Hatteras facility (from Mid - May to Mid - October). From June through August, if you are certain you will arrive after 6 PM and if you notify us by email a minimum of 4 days prior to your arrival, you will be offered a coupon for a free pizza, or other similar gift certificate. This will enable us to prioritize our cleaning schedule.

If arriving after hours and paid in full, call the office and we will make arrangements for you to pick up your check in packet and directions. If your cottage is located in the village of Hatteras, you will check-in at the Hatteras office located at 57204 Atlantic View Dr. If your cottage is located in one of the villages of Rodanthe, Waves or Salvo, you will check-in at our Waves office located at 26006 NC Hwy 12. All other check-ins will be through the Avon office.


Check-out is no later than 10 AM sharp on your date of departure. There will be a $45 per hour late check-out fee for those who don't comply. Guest check-out duties: take out trash, vacuum, wash and put away dishes or start dishwasher as listed on the back of your check-in packet. Strip linens from the beds and put dirty linens back onto the plastic bins. Bins should be left near lowest level entry. These tasks should be completed and you may either stop by our office to check out or try our Express Checkout via the cottage phone.

Early Check-In / Late Departures

A limited number of 1 PM check-ins or departures are offered for guests with special arrival / departure needs. Please mark either the “EARLY CHECK-IN” or “LATE DEPARTURE” space on your lease. There is a cost associated with securing an early check-in; see lease contract for details. We cannot offer these services in certain homes. You will be notified if we will be unable to deliver these special services so you can plan your travel time accordingly. Please note that the home will be made available for check-in at 1PM but other services such as linen delivery may occur after the 1pm check in.


Please declare all pets prior to arrival. Some of our homes welcome your four-legged family member (one per house). An additional nonrefundable minimum charge of $100 plus tax per pet or as specified on your lease is required. TENANTS WILL BE SUBJECT TO EVICTION WITHOUT REFUND IF PETS ARE FOUND ON THE PREMISES OF ANY HOME NOT ALLOWING PETS. No home is guaranteed to be pet free (free of animal allergens.)

For more information about pet friendly vacations on Hatteras Island visit our Pet Friendly page.


NC State and County health regulations require homes on septic systems be limited to two occupants per bedroom. Bedding is listed only to accommodate flexibility in sleeping arrangements and not to represent occupancy. As agents, we are authorized by our owners to rent to family groups only. No sororities, fraternities or other such non-family groups are permitted. No subletting allowed. The Leaseholder must be at least 25 years of age. The Leaseholder is responsible for payment, deposits, damages or other responsibilities as detailed in the lease.

The Agent shall place the advanced rental payments in an interest-bearing trust account with PNC Bank with accrued interest payable to the Agent. Advance rental payments are disbursed to the owners on a monthly basis. While we attempt to ensure that information in this brochure is accurate and complete, we are not responsible for possible typographical errors or changes made by homeowners in furnishings, equipment, bed arrangements, or rates after the date of publication of this brochure.

Advanced Reservations

In the past, our guests have had the opportunity to re-book their home and week during their vacation stay. As guest's vacation demands have changed, we have listened and will now be offering the ability to plan your Outer Banks vacation sooner!

For 2021 homes with rates, you will be able to pay a portion of the initial deposit to hold your reservations. No tentative hold fee will be charged. Homes that do not have 2021 rates yet will require a tentative hold fee of $35 + tax to reserve the home/week until leases are released in the fall of 2020. This advance rental reservation fee is nonrefundable.

Please contact our office for further details.


Owners graciously furnish telephones for your convenience. Please don't abuse this privilege by charging long distance calls to your host's phone. Any long distance calls should be charged to your calling card or made collect. If a toll or any other unauthorized charges appear on the owner's phone bill for the dates you were in the property, the amount of the calls and a $20 service fee will be billed to your account.

Errors and Omissions

While we have attempted to provide accurate and complete information on our website, Hatteras Realty is not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, equipment failure, owners changing their listings, or views offered after a listing is created. Hatteras Realty is also not responsible for errors in listings on sites of Outside Travel Agencies.

Non Smoking

Most of our homes prohibit smoking unless otherwise noted in the homes amenities. Please respect the wishes of our owners and guests and DO NOT smoke in homes that do not list the home as allowing smoking. Smoking permitted homes will have a bullet noting they allow this at the property. You can search for homes online by this criteria.


ALL FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL ON HATTERAS ISLAND. Use of illegal fireworks at a rental cottage is grounds for eviction. Fireworks are not permitted on the property. The lessee will be held responsible for any damage to any rental home caused by fireworks.

Vehicles on the Beaches

There are ramps to access the National Seashore by vehicle. Only licensed vehicles are allowed on the beach. ATV's, dirt bikes, dune buggies, etc. are not allowed. The launching or operation of jet skis or personal watercraft within 150 yards of the Park Service shoreline is prohibited.

All vehicles are required to obtain an ORV permit to drive on the beach. There are 2 types of permits: 7 day/ $50 permits and annual/ $120 permits. Hatteras Island permits are sold at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. You are required to fill out a permit form, watch a 7 minute video, sign the permit to acknowledge that you understand and agree to the guidelines and pay the permit fee. You must have your driver's license and vehicle registration. For more information, see the FAQ posted at:


Construction is taking place on the Outer Banks. We cannot be responsible for homes that may be under construction next to or near the home you rent. New construction may also alter the views from homes. Please realize that this is a situation that changes quickly, of which we are often not aware and is beyond our control. Refunds or substitutions will not be made.

Owner Closets

Most homes have locked owner's closets or cupboards for the owners' personal items. Please respect them. These are not intended for guest use.

Recreation Vehicles

Motor homes may not be plugged into electrical outlets at the houses, connected to septic systems or used for accommodations. Some subdivision covenants prohibit parking motor homes on the property.


Elevators are provided in many of our homes. Please follow all safety instructions posted. Children are not allowed to ride or operate the elevator unattended due to the risk of serious injury or death. Elevator doors should remain closed at all times, except when entering and exiting.


Fireplaces are available from October 1st to May 1st. Some homes have fireplaces, but do not advertise them and do not make them available for guest use.


Rearranging furniture or taking inside furniture or electronics outside is not allowed. This may result in a charge to the leaseholder.

Lost & Found

Hatteras Realty is not responsible for items left behind in our homes. Please do a full sweep of the property before departing to be sure you have all of your belongings. If you do realize you have left an item behind, please contact us at

We will do our best to locate your item; however, we cannot provide a guarantee. Retrieved items will be returned via UPS (expenses paid by recipient). Unclaimed lost and found items are turned over to a local charity after 30 days. We are not responsible for items broken or lost during shipping.

Large Gatherings

Weddings, reunions, and other large gatherings are only allowed in some homes and require a separate agreement. Special pricing and security deposits may be required. Please call and make arrangements with our event coordinator or email

Fishing License

The NC Division of Marine Fisheries now requires a NC Coast Recreational Fishing License for persons 16 years or older. You can purchase an Annual License or a 10-day License online or at a local tackle shop. There are different prices for NC Residents and Nonresidents. For more information visit: For more information visit the NC Division of Marine Fisheries website.

Internet Access

ALL OF OUR HOMES OFFER WIFI. Many of our homes are now offering a variety of Internet/computer options. Review the homes descriptions to find out everything that the home provides. All of these services are provided by outside vendors, therefore Internet access cannot be guaranteed. Free WiFi for guest use is also available at each of our 3 Hatteras Realty offices.

Closely Group Homes

Planning an event and want your guests staying close by? We have created a list of group homes and neighboring homes to make planning your vacation easier. Find a vacation home in the same area as your friends or rent neighboring houses for larger families. Whatever your group needs may be, find the perfect homes via our Group Homes list.

Private Pools & Hot Tubs

Many of our homes feature private pools, (some heated) and hot tubs for your vacation enjoyment. Pools and hot tubs are chemically serviced and cleaned regularly. It is the guests' responsibility for the supervision and appropriate use of these amenities. Each pool and hot tub has rules posted. If you cannot find these rules posted, please contact our maintenance office and they will provide you with them.

All pools will be open from April 11, 2020 turn day and closed October 16th, 2020 unless otherwise noted. Pools are chemically treated and serviced on your arrival day. There will be a mid-week chemical check. Charges will apply for any additional cleaning that is required due to guest damage, negligence or abuse. 

Not all pools are heated. If you wish to have pool heat there will be an additional charge of $60 per day unless noted otherwise in the property bullets. Various methods are used to heat pools. Thermostats are set at 80 degrees Fahrenheit but this temperature is not guaranteed. Each of these methods has limitations and heat may be unavailable without notice. Tampering with thermostats or equipment will result in an additional charge to the guest.

If your home is pet friendly, please DO NOT let your pet swim in the pool. We have found that the pools require additional cleaning of the filtration system. If this happens, you will be assessed the cost of the additional cleaning.

Many locations have community pools (some heated). Hatteras Realty has no control over the availability of these facilities for guest use.

HOT TUBS are available year round unless otherwise indicated in the property description. Hot tubs are serviced on the day of your arrival. For multi-week rentals, the tub will be serviced once per week for each week of your stay. If you request additional cleaning there will be a $45 charge for this service.

Hot tubs can be dangerous for children, pregnant women, and other people requiring medical attention or with sensitive skin conditions. Please take special care with hot tub covers as they are only styrofoam with a vinyl cover and can break easily. They are not intended to be used for sitting or walking upon.

Guests are not allowed to rent hot tubs or soft tubs for homes not already equipped with them, due to possible electrical or structural problems that could arise.

Renter's Dictionary


Baby Equipped - Home provides at least a porta-crib or Pack-N-Play & high chair. Full sized cribs, if available, will be listed as such.

Beach Access - Public beach boardwalk or sand path.

Community Pool - Many homes are located in subdivisions that have community pools. Hatteras Realty has no control over the availability of these facilities for guest use.

Elevator - Home is equipped with an elevator for easy access; not all elevators go to all floors in the homes

Handicapped Friendly - Home is equipped with a minimum of an all-floor elevator and 1 handicapped friendly full bath. Please note that these homes may not meet ADA requirements for accessibility.

Hot Tub - Tub with jets: Located in a common area; Has constant filtration system, requires chemical treatment & is kept at a temperature between 98 and 104 degrees; Not drained after each use.

Jacuzzi / Whirlpool Tub - Bathtub with jets.

Kinnakeet Shores - Guests in the home have access to the Kinnakeet Shores soundside pool and tennis facilities.

Klub Koru - Home provides passes to the Spa Koru facility during your stay.

Koru Gold - All the benefits of Klub Koru PLUS complete access to the Oceanfront Beach Klub with pool and facilities.

Linens Provided - Sheets (1 set per bed) & towels (1 bath towel & wash cloth per person based on occupancy), 1 bath mat per full bathroom, 1 hand towel per bathroom, 2 kitchen towels and 2 pot holders. Linens are not provided for sleeper sofas.

Master Suite - Bedroom with direct access to a private/semi-private bath.

Netflix- Watch movies instantly through one of the home's TV or gaming devices. Details in the house amenity list.

Pet Friendly - Home allows pets and includes a non-refundable fee ($100 + tax unless noted otherwise).

Private Pool - Home provides a private pool on premise. Some are heated. Available for guest use for weeks including April 11 through October 16.


Oceanfront - There are no other lots between them & the ocean. Many oceanfront lots are protected by a single or double dune line between the lot & the water's edge. Not all oceanfront homes have ocean views.

Semi-Oceanfront - The lot is located one lot back from an oceanfront lot unless noted differently in bullets. Not all Semi-Oceanfront homes have ocean views and may be located on either side of Hwy 12.

Oceanside - This includes all lots located between the Oceanview homes and Highway 12 or those that are 3 or more lots back from the Oceanfront.

Canalfront - Lot is located on the west side of Hwy 12 and is situated on a canal or channel that leads to the sound.

Lakeside - The lot is located on the west side of Hwy 12 and is positioned on a small lake or pond.

Soundside - Home sits on the West side of Hwy 12 & provides no direct access to the sound or ocean. Public access to the sound and ocean are available.

Semi-Soundfront - The lot is located on the West side of Hwy 12 and has direct sound access. These homes may sit back from the sound one or more lots.

Soundfront - The lot is on the west side of Hwy 12 with no other lots between it and the sound. Distance, views and access may vary from house to house.


CAPT- Captain's Bed - Bunk bed with a single mattress on top, double mattress on bottom & a single pullout trundle bed underneath.

PYR- Pyramid Bed- Bunk bed with a single mattress on top & a double mattress on the bottom.

QSS - Queen sofa sleeper.

K- King Bed

Q- Queen Bed

S- Single (twin) Bed

D- Double (full) Bed

Trundle - Single mattress that is stored under another bed & can be pulled out when needed.

Phone Numbers:

Emergency: 911 

Police, Non-Emergency: 252-473-3444

Vidant, Avon: 252-995-3073

U.S. Weather Service: 252-995-5610

Dr. Slagel, DDS, Frisco: 252-995-4101

National Park Service: 252-995-5044

U.S. Coast Guard, Hatteras: 252-986-2175

U.S. Coast Guard, Oregon Inlet: 252-987-2311

Locksmith: 252-216-8181

Hatteras Realty: 800-428-8372

Hatteras Realty After Hours Emergency: 252-489-3432

Things to Bring:
  • Garbage Bags
  • Plastic Wraps
  • Dish Detergent
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Bath Soap
  • Staple Items (salt, pepper, sugar, etc.)
  • Condiments
  • Pillow Cases
  • Dish Towels & Cloths
  • Face Cloths
  • Beach Towels
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach Chairs & Rafts
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Umbrella
  • Cooler
  • Fishing Rods
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash