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Private Cooking Classes in your (rental) home! 

Classes start at $80 per person
10% off for groups of 4 or more
Customized Menuse *Specializing in Local Seafood*
Classes last approximately 3 hours
*ask us about our kids classes*
Chef Amy attended an apprentice program at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN where she learned through hands on training in the many restaurants and banquet facilities at the hotel. Amy then began a catering business with her business partner, Susannah, where they made savory cheesecakes. These herb cheesecakes became a hit and soon they were producing savory cheesecakes for Neiman Marcus, Whole Foods, Zabars and several hotel chains. After moving to Winchester, VA, Amy began working with a local farm making family style take home meals. She also began cooking classes which she thoroughly enjoys, especially the couples and kids classes. Amy loves to bring a passion for food and make cooking fun for everyone and if you are lucky she will bring one of her famous herb cheesecakes to share with your class. Email: