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Stormy Petrel II is a uniquely different kind of charter boat serving the North Carolina sportfishing mecca off Hatteras Island. Our 61' Kennebunk East Coast built boat is licensed to carry large groups (including your entire family and/or friends) all together on the same trip. That's good news because no one needs to be left behind! With our 360 degree walk-around deck there is always going to be plenty of room for everyone onboard to fish and enjoy their charter trip rather than alternating turns to catch a fish like on other sportfishing charter boats.

We are fully rigged and ready to offer anglers deep sea offshore Gulf Stream charters as well as near shore and inshore charters. Most all of our competitors’ charters have one set rate for a charter trip. They are legally limited to only 6 passengers. We are very affordably priced because even with large groups of anglers on Stormy Petrel II once the minimum has been met we are able to set our rates per person instead of per trip.

Stormy Petrel II is docked at Teach's Lair Marina in Hatteras Village.