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22 Oct 2018
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Hatteras History

Blackbeard Legends

Many legends about Blackbeard have been handed down from generation to generation. I have personally always loved the history of Hatteras and Ocracoke Island. Of course, Blackbeard’s stories are always the most intriguing to me.

The story behind Ocracoke getting its name was the newest one I had come across. Edward Teach, the most dreaded pirate of all, known as “Blackbeard”, was said to have had a residence on Ocracoke Island. Lt. Robert Maynard of the Royal British Navy was sent to capture Blackbeard and put a stop to his evil activities. Legend has it that during the night preceding his capture, Blackbeard, impatient for the dawn and his escape, cried out “O Crow Clock, O crow Clock!” in order to try and awake the roosters early, hence where the name Ocracoke was started. 
The roosters did not bring dawn on early and Blackbeard was captured. Blackbeard’s head was cut off, his body thrown overboard; it swam around the ship three times trying to get back aboard. Some folks have seen the ghost of the headless body searching for its head. It remains one of the most popular tales told about the man it took five pistol shots and twenty slash wounds to kill.

It is said that Blackbeard buried a treasure chest in the marsh near here. He killed and buried a man with the treasure to guard it. Five men have found the spot where the treasure is buried, but none of them were able to unearth it. People say that once the spot is found, something frightens them away and he is never able to relocate the place again.  On cold, windy nights, the voice of the man who guards the treasure can be heard.

Now of course these are all tales that are tied to the location of Ocracoke Island and past down from generations. Although not necessarily believable, the stories are definitely fun to read.